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Blandine House is a class AAA community Based Residential Treatment Center for 90 days that serves adult male residents with AODA issues, with counseling, therapy, education and goal setting in mind.

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Individual Counseling

One-on-one counseling is provided. Your assigned counselor will help identify the root cause of your usage. The counselor will help to develop goals, evalute progress, and focus on concerns you may have.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is designed to allow men to work together and learn from each other and provide compassionate support under the guidance of the counselors. Blandine is a place where men can work to establish recovery and friendships through recovery.


We do fun activities on Friday afternoons such as biking, bowling, camping, and misc. activities. Enjoying recovery is essential to maintaining healthy sobriety.

Our mission is to help.

Aftercare Group

Aftercare group is held on Wednesday evenings. It is the next step of the Blandine House Treatment program. This is designed to work on recovery needs following the treatment program. It covers issues and concerns about recovery and helps with support of everyday living skills.


Integrity House is our sober living house where residents are able to transition into everyday living.


If you would like to refer a male client to our residential treatment center, please contact us at serenity[at]blandinehouse.org
Our phone number is 920-922-9487.
Our staff will be on hand to help you answer questions on addictions or treatment.

About us

Blandine House Inc. is a non-profit facility and is governed by a board of directors who have volunteered their time, energy and guidance to continue to follow and expand upon the original vision of Sister Blandine to help alcoholics and addicts. The Blandine Program is certified under Wisconsin DHS 75.14

Prior to admission, each resident will complete a screening assessment by a certified substance abuse counselor and upon approval will need TB documentation and a free-form-communicable disease statement.

Daily Living Skills










Here, each of our residents- first and foremost- is a human being. He will be treated with the dignity and respect he deserves. Here, each of our residents is an alcoholic or addict, or both, after that he is unique unto himself.

Here, we are inconsistent because each resident is unique and so to will be our approach. Here, we make mistakes. The day indifference arrives, our mistakes will go away.

Here, we believe in helping each other. No one of us has all the answers. Here, we cure no one. We aren't that capable. However, we will do everything we can to provide the tools, support and encouragement to the man who desires to learn and accept how to live a life being clean and sober.


Inside and outside views of the Blandine House.


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Our Team

Our team is available to assist with any questions you may have about our treatment program.


Executive Director

Julie is our Executive Director and she expedites the Intake and Admission process for each new patient.
She has more than 10 years of experience and makes the process easy for the referral partners and the patients.



Carrie Ordoñez completed her Associate of Applied Science degree in Supervisory management and then her Associate of Applied Science degree in AODA counseling. Carrie has four years’ experience directing a CBRF facility and staff along with case management for 24-30 residents at a time. She also brings 2-3 years of counseling experience at different levels of care in treatment settings. Carrie is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Carrie is eclectic and uses a blend of Cognitive Behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, Family, and psycho-education therapies for individuals. A whole person approach is utilized by exploring with and educating clients about how mind, spirit and body are interconnected. Her theory is that when people have hope and can learn to challenge and replace irrational thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, people are free to experience change.



Integrity House Manager

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Sample Schedule

Outline of a typical day...


7:00 AM Breakfast
7:30 AM Meditation
8:00 AM Living Skills - Practice day to day Living Skills
9:00 AM Community Group
9:30 AM Individual Treatment Plan
10:15 AM Weekend Review
11:30 AM Lunch & Free Time
12:30 PM Group - Domestic Violence / Lifeline / Counselor's Discretion
2:00 PM Treatment Option Time
4:00 PM Treatment Related Material
5:30 PM Dinner
6:00 PM Community Recovery


7:00 AM Breakfast
7:30 AM Meditation
8:00 AM Living Skills - Practice day to day Living Skills
9:00 AM Community Group
9:30 AM Weekends Plan Group
10:00 AM Group Therapy
11:00 AM Lunch
12:00 PM Group Activity / Community Service
4:00 PM Weekends Group (Staff Observing)
5:00 PM Dinner
6:00 PM Community Recovery

Contact Us

Please call us if you have any questions about Blandine House or about the Blandine House Treatment Program.